Harshal Shinde: Architect, Interior designer, Hyderabad
100+ Books for Your Architectural Library Oct 9, 2023 ref.manual Some books which I read long ago, and some interesting ones that I found in recent times. Here are my recommendations. Design as a Business Oct 13, 2020 ar.th.pedagogy Is it possible to be a good designer, and still be prosperous? How did business make its way into design? Is it okay for a designer to talk money? Notes on Daniel Libeskind's Extension of the Berlin Museum with the Jewish Museum Addition Sep 25, 2020 ar.theory The following 'notes' were made as different issues came to mind while replaying the talks in class and the presentation. They are not in any hierarchy. How to Select a Topic for a Thesis Dissertation, or a Research Paper Aug 1, 2020 ar.teaching_material For most of those who are new to academic research, the process of zeroing–in on a Topic of Research can quickly get confusing and daunting. Here are 6 steps to a more focused and happy outcome. Fonting it Out May 11, 2020 sw.font When the boredom of lockdown forces an attempt at drawing up a font. Words of Creative Wisdom Apr 27, 2020 ref.quotes Famous Quotes are "loaded strings" which clear through the muddle, and underline, or even define our thinking in some ways. I call them “Thought Concentrates”. Thoughts on Architectural Design Apr 22, 2020 ar.teaching_material & ar.theory The process of design starts with identifying the problem. Designing is "providing solutions" to eliminate this problem. So, what is the architectural problem? How do we recognise it? And what tools can we use in this process? Architecture, Memory, and Time Apr 19, 2020 ar.theory Can the relative immateriality and weightlessness of recent technological construction — which employs reflection, transparency, and juxtaposition — turn into a positive experience of place and meaning? Digital Information Management for Designers: Part 2 Mar 22, 2020 ref.manual While folders are limited to being containers of ‘specific’ material, tags are of "sufficiently general form". Tagging allows tying together widely distributed stuff. Digital Information Management for Designers: Part 1 Mar 20, 2020 ref.manual If you are a designer, you have the habit of looking-up for, and hoarding-up on “knowledge-bits”. In addition, you are also an “information generator”.